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If you want to learn to wrestle, perform on live shows and take your fitness to the next level, you can do it all at Grapple Wrestling

Perform on live shows infront of packed audiences in Yorkshire. Entertain the crowd and develop your performing skills.

Professional wrestling training teaches you all the skills you need to make it as a successful wrestler.

Come and join in every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Wrestling Fitness consists of various strength and conditioning exercises that enable you to keep up with the fittest of opponents.

Fitness takes place before each training session.

Grapple Wrestling and Leeds Cage will be hosting the 'House of Grind' two day training seminar with Kid Kash in 2014.

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Train every Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday at Leeds' only professional wrestling facility


All training takes place at Leeds Cage, Washington Street (Kirkstall Road), Leeds, LS3 1JL

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